Rating: 3 stars


Hailey and Claire are BEST friends, but their friendship is coming to an end. Claire is moving! (In the movie, Hailey is the one moving.) 

A mermaid named Aquamarine washes up in the Capri Beach Club's pool, and the two girls befriend her and set her up on a date with her crush, Raymond, before she has to go back to the sea. 

Making Aquamarine their pet project helps Hailey and Claire see the unbreakable bond of their friendship and the importance of letting go.


I don't know how long I've had this book on the book shelves in my room, but when I finally cleared some time for reading, I plucked it from its resting place and turned to the first page.

I've loved the movie for years, and my sister and I rewatch it every once in a while. I didn't feel old until I noticed that the book was published in 2001! The movie came out in 2006!

That means it's been a loooong while since it shined brand spanking new on the shelves. But I thought I'd bring it up in my book reviews.

Books shouldn't have a wild tour at their release and then dusty faces the rest of their lives, right?

I excepted Alice Hoffman's Aquamarine to be just like the movie - at least, in plotline. But it was more like a rough, vague, shortened version of the movie's story.

It was a fun read, though, but I did find myself missing the Mean Girls and all the funny scenes with Raymond and Aquamarine as they start to like each other (especially the Ben&Jerry/who-needs-Raymond scene).

I couldn't really connect with the characters as much as I did in the movie, but I may have come into it with a bias toward the movie. 

I will say, though, that it is great if you want a feel-good story to read to your kids! It would certainly make a cozy bedtime story. :)



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