Our furry friends appreciate the “little things” that we do for them. Watching their small joys elicits an uncomfortable pang in our chests – the reminder of humility.

Just the other day, I went outside to feed the animals in the evening. The dogs’ water was looking low and sprinkled with bits of hay, so I decided to go dump the old water, rinse the bucket and refill it with fresh water.

Lugging the heavy bucket out of the barn and tossing the water out, I set my face (unknowingly) into a frown and thought about the heat in the air and the bugs nipping at my skin. Why do some people enjoy the outdoors so much?

My blue heeler nudged up against my leg, brown eyes large and wise. Irritated, I just pushed him away and grumbled to myself.

But when I set the bucket full of fresh water on the ground, he sneaked forward and sipped out of the bucket. I turned back from unlatching the gate to look at him.

With that little sip, the dip of his head into the bucket, the wet velvet on his muzzle, my heart melted. That dog appreciated what I’d done for him.

Just a little thing – filling a bucket with clean, sloshing water. Yet he wanted to enjoy it as soon as he could. He wanted to appreciate it with a tender sort of sincerity.

How do your furry friends humble you? Tell me about them in the comments below.



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