Who doesn’t love a high-speed car chase?

In the most recent Mission Impossible movie, motorcycles are the vehicles of choice – flattening into the curves and zipping down the straights.

Who leads the pack of growling machines?

The beautiful and elusive Ilsa Faust. Unlike the demure beauties of a past age of womankind, Ilsa can “ride,” as Ethan Hunt points out later.

Furthermore, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation features clever story developments. Among my favorites are the scene at the opera and the scene with the British prime minister.

Telling you more than that would give the plot away! Be sure to look for those scenes as you attend your local theater or munch on popcorn in your media room.

While some people tire of the Tom Cruise movie series, I can’t help but celebrate the production of movies that are consistently surprising, romantic and get you using your brain to figure out how he will get out of each situation.

I will admit, however, that throwing in the word, “impossible,” in the movie’s lines is taking it a bit far. Let’s try a few synonyms, shall we?

Still, the mix of true movie making is right there at your fingertips – comedic lines from Brandt, heart-wrenching moments with Benji, a romance between Hunt and his leading lady, the anticipate high-speed chase, the seconds of doubt in impossible fixes, the culmination of clever planning.

What are your thoughts as the franchise progresses? Favorite scenes or twists from the new movie? Tell us in the comments below.